A Simple Guide To Online Betting in New Zealand

There is a treasure trove of NZ betting websites for punters to sink their teeth into these days. If it has odds, then chances are that you will find more than your fair share of online betting destinations willing take your wager.

But need not be a sports lover to enjoy the action online as there are plenty of casino styled games to keep you entertained as well. The sheer volume of game types shows how greatly the NZ betting market has grown in recent years.

Traditional Sports

Punters that fancy a flutter down at the race track will find plenty of traditional brick and mortar styled bookies around, but even more are available online betting portals and mobile apps these days. As things stand at present, punters need not even leave the comfort of their own homes to get in on the horse racing action.

Similarly, fans of boxing will find their own niche online resources with both tips and betting options. Some of the savvy NZ betting websites are even offering live streaming of the event that punters have just bet on.

This offers a real time experience that easily replicates the original horse racing adventure on your mobile device or PC at home.

Motor Sports

Some fantastic motor racing divisions exist in NZ. NZ Super Trucks, NZ Porsche are just two of the exciting event types that are hosted nationally. Because of the growing popularity of motor racing over the years locally there now exist many convenient NZ betting providers that are standing by waiting for your bet.

The article would be remiss if it were to neglect the racing powerhouse that is F1. This is a well followed race format globally and is really popular in NZ presently. Some prodigious F1 drivers hail from NZ and the formidable McLaren F1 team was formed by NZ F1 driver turned owner Bruce McLaren.

Horse Racing

No list of betting resources would be complete without mentioning horse racing. In NZ horse racing enjoys a long history and rich heritage dating back many years. Due to this we find that NZ horse racing events are generally very well supported.

This means that winner’s purses are usually highly coveted and this results in some fantastic betting odds for punters.

Online Casino Games

As with most forms of entertainment in today’s society we find that much of the action has moved online. Entire casino catalogues can be found online allowing for almost limitless permutations of classic games such as slot and poker machines on the sports betting NZ scene.

Gone are the days of boring linear static symbols and win lines only moving in a straight line, these have been replaced by more modern interfaces and a more interactive game style. This is also complimented by interactive game types with many of them having mini skill games that come up as bonuses.

Card games such as poker and blackjack are also great choices when looking for some online action. Played in real-time with other human players, the exhilaration of receiving that winning hand is just as palpable as when punters are sitting at the table in a casino.