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Chinese handball, despite the name, is most popular in the United States. It involves two or more players using their hands to knock or punch a ball against a wall. The other player, or players, must return the ball against the wall before it makes its second bounce. If the ball makes a second bounce, the player who failed to return the ball has points awarded against them. Chinese handball is played on the professional level in some areas of the United States, but has a fan base across the world. Due to its fast pace, and due to the fact that players are known to often use entertaining trick shots, Chinese handball tends to be a favourite of core group of spectators.

There are many possible trick, or unorthodox, moves in Chinese handball, all of which are officially permitted. Physical contact is strictly forbidden between players, but those experienced at the game use a number of unexpected return shots that can minimise the chances of the opponent returning the ball. With names such as the watermelon, between the legs, cobble smash, reject, slice, and more, fans of the sport love to see the new and entertaining things players get up to during a match. It is for this reason that Chinese handball is also a favourite among bet makers, who refer to the game as one of the most unpredictable.

Chinese Handball Betting

It has already been mentioned that Chinese Handball is popular with bet makers, but being that the game is so focused in the United States, there are many foreign online bookmakers who do not offer betting options. Those who would like to make bets on the sport should visit United States based online bookmakers, where it is also sometimes possible to watch Chinese handball professional matches via live stream and get odds at the best mobile betting sites.

Similarly to real money slots Canada, betting options are generally fixed odds bets on which player will be the winner of a match. Some niche betting options do exist, but may be restricted only to certain online bookmakers. Some niche bets include predicting such unusual things as how many times a certain player will use a trick shot.

Chinese Handball History

Chinese handball was originally very popular in the streets of New York and Philadelphia during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Generally played by fun loving youths, the street version of the game had a few rules that did not make it into the professional version. Amusingly, in the street version it was customary for the losing player of the game to put his head against a wall, and his rear end up towards the winners. The winning players would take turns throwing the ball, three times, at the loser’s backside. This joking punishment did not, of course, make it into the professional version of the game, but it is common for player’s to refer to jokingly this when participating in professional games.

As Chinese handball progressed into modern times, more focus was put on how extravagantly players would return the ball when competing. In some modern games the focus is almost entirely on the style with which the contestants play, as apposed to who actually wins according to points.