Big Bad Wolf Online Slot Guide for Players

True to its fairy tale roots, the Big Bad Wolf online slot game centres around the Big Bad Wolf’s attempts to huff, puff and blow down the houses of the Three Little Pigs. The designers at Swedish slot machine developer Quickspin, who created the game, have stuck with a cute rustic theme. The three apple-farming pigs living in the traditional straw, wood, and brick houses, although general game play takes place on the wall of Pig 1’s straw house.

Instead of the standard slots reels, symbols are wooden windows displayed in three lines of five stacks, which clatter down from the roof in succession, left to right. Low win symbols, namely the card rankings A, K, Q, J and 10, are displayed as wooden letters tacked to the windows. There are also four medium win symbols; Pig 1, Pig 2 and Pig 3, and a cheerful stuffed toy Piglet. The Big Bad Wolf leers through the window as the Free Spin scatter symbol, and a wild bees’ nest makes an appropriate Wild symbol. The simple, clear animations set a light tone.

Pigs Get Wild

A winning spin on Big Bad Wolf requires three, four or five matching symbols, in uninterrupted succession from the leftmost stack. Like in different slots at the sites listed for you at this link, there are 25 bet lines, and the natural Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except the Multiplier Wild symbol, the Free Spin scatter symbol and the Free Spin progress scatter symbol.

Any win activates the Swooping Reels feature: winning symbols are blown away and new symbols fall into the stacks. As long as at least one winning bet line is the result, the Swooping Reels feature will continue. After two consecutive wins, Pig 1 turns Wild; after four consecutive wins, Pig 2 turns Wild and after six wins, Pig 3 turns Wild. When all four Wild symbols are activated, players have a better chance to keep winning on multiple bet lines, and the big wins can rack up impressively. As soon as no winning combination results from new symbols dropped, the spin ends.

The Big Bad Wolf Brings Free Spins

The Pigs find themselves bothered by bees as they go Wild, but at some point, for the story to go anywhere, a house has to get blown down. Three Free Spin scatter symbols in any position will activate the Blowing Down The House feature, with 10 Free Spins. As day turns to night, the Big Bad Wolf shows up for his star moment. Sharply dressed in skin-tight jeans, he huffs and puffs and blows the straw house down but is so winded that Pig 1 has the chance to scamper off to his brother’s house of wood.

The Free Spins play out on this house, and any three Free Spin scatter symbols will win another 10 Free Spins. The Bonus symbol is a full moon; if a player collects three moons, they get two more Free Spins, the Big Bad Wolf blows down the wood house, and the remaining Free Spins are played against the brick house. If the player collects six moons, the Big Bad Wolf blows open the brick house, and smirks off with all three pigs in a sack. The player gets two extra free spins, and any further wins are doubled. At the end of each free spins round, play reverts to Pig 1’s straw house.