Daily Keno Games Provide Fun for New Zealand Players

Daily Keno games are a great way for players from New Zealand to unwind, have some fun, and put a little extra money in the bank while they are at it. Players will simply be required to follow 3 easy steps when it comes to playing Keno at any one of the many online and mobile casinos which welcome New Zealanders:

  1. Players will need to choose how many numbers, or Spots, from 1 to 10, they wish to play
  2. An amount to wager will need to be decided on for each game
  3. Players will be able to input numbers of their own, or make use of the Quick Pick option in order to allow the computer software to make a choice on their behalf

Daily keno games will require at least 4 but not more than 10 numbers to be chosen, with the selection of these ranging from 1 through to 80. Each one of these is known as a Spot, so, if 10 numbers are selected for play, he or she will be said to be playing a 10-Spot Keno game.

The fact that the average New Zealand player has unlimited access to the internet in the form of desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets means that anywhere becomes somewhere to play and win.

The History of Keno

Daily Keno games have rules very similar to those which are in place to govern lotteries, and were first introduced many years ago, in China. They were brought over to the United States of America in the mid-1880s by Chinese immigrants who had arrived to work on the mines and railroads that the burgeoning settlements required, and subsequently spread from there.

Small Bets for Big Wins

Daily Keno is very popular, in both New Zealand and around the world, and its main drawcard is that it is a very easy game to play, while offering the chance to take home big payouts on relatively inconsequential bets.

Winning Strategy: Play Only Hot Numbers

Best nz online casino players need to bear in mind that they need only get half of the total of 20 numbers drawn matched in order to win the Daily Keno jackpot and so can easily adapt a winning strategy that works for them at online gambling casinos in order to obtain this.

One of the most popular Daily Keno strategies is playing only the hottest numbers, and the rules for doing so include identifying repeat Hits and numbers out for one game –i.e. numbers that are repeated from the previous draw and the one before that. These account for around half of all of the winning numbers drawn, and players should eliminate a Spot if it has already been Hit 3 times in a row.

These games are widely available throughout New Zealand, and players are able to access them by means of a multitude of devices as well. A variety of devices is able to provide safe entertainment, and the heaps of big welcome bonuses and array of special promotions that change on a regular basis provide players with money other than their own with which to enjoy a little real money fun.