Understanding why the All Blacks are a Sure Bet!

The world-famous rugby team from New Zealand has only ever been defeated by 6 test nations, and they stand as the only international team to boast a winning record against each of the nations they have played against. They have won a total of 426 of their 552 test matches, and have suffered losses at home a measly 37 times.

In October of 2003, when World Rankings were introduced by World Rugby, New Zealand has managed to stay in the number 1 position for most of the time. In the years spanning from 2000 to 2009, the All Blacks won 100 tests, and, as of November 2016, they have won a record 45 successive test matches at home.

The Test Match Records Held by the All Blacks

The highlights for the All Blacks include their longest winning streak, 18 test match victories, a Tier 1 joint world record, a feat which they managed in the period from 2015 to the year following. In 2013 they managed to win each and every test match played over the calendar year, with the longest streak in which they stayed unbeaten was 23 tests, from 1987 – 1990, which saw them draw only 1 game.

Points Record Held by the New Zealand Team

The All Blacks’ points record for test matches is 14 924 points for and 7 205 against, and many nations’ most crushing defeats have been at the hands of this super-team from New Zealand.

National teams from Ireland, Fiji, Tonga, Portugal, France, Argentina, Samoa and Japan have all seen their greatest losses in bouts with the All Blacks, and the New Zealand team’s biggest test win was a mighty 145 – 17 in a 1995 game against Japan.

World Cup Highlights with the All Blacks

New Zealand has managed to take home the World Cup trophy 3 times, and has the only rugby team in the world to have done so.

They triumphed against France, in the 1987 final of the inaugural competition, beat them once again the final in 2011, and, most recently, trounced the English team in 2015, making them the first and only team in the world to win the World Cup in successive tournaments making big winnings for NRL bets online.

1991 saw the All Blacks lose a semi-final match to Australia before managing to win the playoff for 3rd, and, in 1995, they reached the final stages of the competition before losing to hosts South Africa in extra time. They reached 4th place in 1999, and, in 2003, although New Zealand got knocked out of the tournament by their Australian hosts in the semi-final game, they still managed to place 3rd.

The All Blacks have never been defeated in a World Cup pool match, and have always finished at the top of their pool, in each of the 7 tournaments they have taken part in.

New Zealand also holds a number of World Cup records:

  1. Most World Cup Matches: 48
  2. Most Points in One Match: 145
  3. Most Cumulative Points Over all World Cups: 2 248
  4. Most Tries Overall: 306
  5. Most Conversions: 222
  6. Most Points Scored in the First Half of a Knockout Game at the Rugby World Cup: 29