Get That Knockout Bet on Fights

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports that was even part of the 688 BC ancient Olympics. Betting on a fight is as old as the sport which has seen illegal betting on bare knuckle fights to legal betting on almost all professional boxing tournaments today.

The online betting platform has made betting on boxing a far more accessible pastime as almost anyone from almost anywhere can bet on practically any boxing fight. Some sportsbooks are however more trusted than others and a few of them provide many more betting options for the sports.

It is best to find the right online sportsbook that offers a wide range of types of bets and odds for many of the most anticipated boxing matches around the world.

Types of Bets for Boxing

Even though boxing is not as intricate as football and other types of sports that produce many more kind of outcomes to bet in, there are variety of different types of boxing bets. Many online sportsbooks may only provide the basic boxing bets but many will also provide the more obscure ones.

The types of bets include win bets which simply involve betting on the overall winner, fight to go the distance which is betting on whether the fight will last for the 12 rounds or not and the method of victory which covers how the winner will win such as by knockout, points or disqualification and so on.

Bettors may bet on who will win a specific round, but group round bets are also available where a bettor can bet on a specific group of rounds instead.

Tips to Consider Boxing Bets

With any sort of betting it is always advisable to gather information that can be used for better betting results. Consider value bets which are those that offer greater chances than the odds supplied. A boxer with even odds would be considered a value bet as his chances of winning more than 50 percent of the time are far greater.

Figuring out if a bet is a value bet a bettor should look into the boxer’s performance history, has he change trainers, undergone therapy or surgery for an injury and what his age is.

Rules for Betting on Boxing

There are some rules to Australian Betting Sites that are industry standard and apply across the board. There are however various other rules that are applied by individual online sportsbooks so always check what their rules are.

The standard rules for boxing bets state that all bets are accountable the moment the bell rings and round one begins. There is no option to adjust bets after this.

If a boxer who has been bet on withdraws from the fight before the fight begins the bet will be carried forward until the following fight as long as it takes place within a 30 day period. If a replacement boxer takes that withdrawn boxer’s place then the bet becomes void.

If it happens that a fight results in a draw any win bet will be returned to the bettor. Changes to rounds schedule prior to the fight will result in round bets being voided.